Monday, 24 August 2009

Interesting Weekend!

So Damon and I attended our marriage wedding prepartion course this weekend - very interesting! The course went well I think it wasn't at all what I expected and there were about 40 couples all together the age range I reckon was between 25-40 it was great to see that other couples want to be married within their faith, I hadn't realised how strongly I felt about it till this weekend.

There was no role play thankfully we had a series of question sheets we had to complete on different areas of our relationship and how our faith is involved with it and then discuss between ourselves. At one point I thought we might have to give up and go for counseling before we got married LOL I think is was good for us we have had some issues this year and it was good to be able to work it all out and it reaffirmed how much we mean to each other I feel pround of us!