Sunday, 4 May 2014

Turning 40rty!

I was wide awake at 3.30 this morning excited like a little kid at the prospect of birthday cake and the candles to blow out later. It got me thinking 40 is a milestone birthday, I know we joke about it being the new 30’s and your only as ...old as you feel – but really I’m a good chunk into my life. So my brain has been spinning thinking about all the things I have done, achieved experienced so far and in my reflection I know we all dream about having an endless supply of money and material wealth and all the other stuff we covet, who doesn’t? But the stuff of importance? Is the people in your life. 
 So I think this is an ideal opportunity for me to celebrate the people in my life past and present. I have a beautiful sister and brothers who are talented and driven and I couldn’t be more proud of them. My family although many of you are far away I know I belong. My mother Nicole, kind, tenacious, beautiful, I am your mini me…. My fantastic friends some of you new some of you old, whom I share unique and special friendships with sometimes they make me laugh so hard it makes my belly hurt and I shed a few tears, we can talk endlessly, I dance till my feet hurt and stay out till all hours because really I’m still a rebellious teenager, they understand my need for solitude but are there if I need them and have taught me that its ok to show vulnerability I don’t always have to be the strong one. Some special mentions – Cristina thank you for taking the time to take all these photos of me, Susan my pen pal from across the pond, I might never meet you but your always in my heart, Michael I think of you fondly when I have success at work you gave me shove in the right direction to go out there and give it a go, Filiz I’m sure we are sisters but they keep forgetting to tell us! Sue I want to be like you when I grow up your so full of life! I love you all and I am lucky to have you in my life.

But lastly and most importantly who would have thought a holiday cover at the Elmer Lodge all those years ago would have led me to call Beckenham my home? Damon Warner my husband, I love you more than I could ever express, you have taught me the most, made me a better person and given me peace and for that alone today is a day to celebrate.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A year that was............2013

So I made the fateful new years resolution to write a blog post every month for 2014 - ha we are now in March 2014, however my rationale for this long awaited post is that my birthday is in March so my new year starts then *wink*

I found this lovely template on Designer Digitals I think and we take so many pictures sometimes its hard to pick, I've been torturing myself about Project life I really love the concept but don't seem to be able to get my act together to do it, so as 2014 is a mammoth year for me I thought what a good way to start.  I have stalked many a blog and website who do the Project life concept and I'm especially impressed by those who can fill up a page every week - my life just is not that full and it makes me feel pressured and really who has the time?  I don't even have kids yet! I've tried in the past to keep a diary - that doesn't work either and I really want to be able to document stuff simply for the pleasure I get out of the creative aspect and I don't have to be a good as anyone, its just for me, its the same as art journaling but I can't get my head around doing my own so I thought let's break it down - baby steps, so here is my review of last year and then I can make a start on blogging / project life for 2014

January 2013

Good bye to the house with the red door that became my home for almost  a year, so Damon and I came to a cross road in our relationship in 2012.  I think we both needed time out and a chance to grow and to think the seven year itch they call it! So the house with the red door took me and made me better again.

February 2013

I was sent to Mumbai in India (I know!) to turn around a client site in five days - well India was a culture shock, I like to think I am worldly and well travelled but nothing prepared me for the reception I received, poverty, caste, women are still way down the food chain  - I had business men at the five star hotel I was staying in leaving me their room keys because they didn't believe I was a working professional!  Surely my husband would not had let me come out here to work on my own?  I think we take our independence and freedom for granted sometimes.

March 2013

A holiday with the cats!  Err that was no holiday. I only managed to leave the house twice and that was to go get myself food supplies I was exhausted I remembered waking up one afternoon covered in all of the cats and kittens - seven big cats and seven rat babies. Mum asked if I could come a look after the new set of kitten and her cats whilst she was on holiday, well I could hardly say no and kitty love makes everything better doesn't it?

April 2013

April became the month of kick starting a fit and healthy lifestyle so I became slightly obsessed I'm not going to lie I was getting up most mornings at 5.30 and doing some exercise, but the thing that changed the most was my diet.  I've always been healthy and exercised but after hurting myself the year before and having to have steroid injections its not something I want to go through again and I wanted to create good habits.  I stopped exercising at home a few months later and joined the LA Fitness in West India Quay near my office so I go after work during the week I still do some exercise at home at the weekend if I need to.  I'm really enjoying a clean and lean diet and my obsession with green fruit and veg continues...

May 2013

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea!  One sunny Monday Damon and I both happened to be off so we wanted to do something. I suggested a road trip to give Bruce the new truck a chance for a good drive so we went to Broadstairs.  Have to say that makes me homesick for Colchester, being able to drive for about 30mins and you hit the coast.  Takes a bit longer from Kent but we had a lovely day walking along the sea front and the pier eating ice cream and window shopping and owning a second home by the sea.

June 2013

Nothing much happened in June but it gave me time to appreciate how lovely our flat looks now, I took loads of pictures and used them for a layout class in the Gogo getaway.

July/August 2013

My Dad's big six oh! we had lunch gathering in town (Colchester) just the immediate family on the Saturday and then Sunday we went to Grandpa's and had food al fresco and the rest of the family there to celebrate.  Dad did a speech it was all very touching and it was the first time they all got to meet Damon.  Damon realised that we are just like any other family and much like his own who love nothing more than to laugh, eat and drink and have a good ole banter.

August 2013

Had to do two entries for August as we went to SW4 - now I know that Damon loves me, he hates outdoor festivals but got us VIP for this event we had a great time but I think I have now run out of favours to drag him to  anymore of these do's this one was particularly muddy!!!

September 2013

I realised that I have no pictures of where I work, even though work takes me all over the country I'm sure in time to come it would be nice to have this documented to be able to show little feet if they come along that I had a life before!

October 2013

My third and fabulous Gogo Getaway and I now have firm buddies that I can share craft and laughs with.  I always come away feeling invigorated by being around such lovely women and this time I didn't get around to getting the pictures ready for the layouts but I managed to finish them all with pictures when I got home.  We did some different projects as well so I always learn something new and I am planning to see these ladies before October this year.

November 2013

Movember - what a hoot so its really aimed at the men to participate in this awareness campaign for male prostate cancer, they grow a moustache in any fashion they want and people sponsor them.  Damon has done for a number of years but chose not to last year. Well, we the ladies in the office decided we would be supportive Mo Sista's and have ourselves photographed with our own paper versions. 'twas very very funny!

December 2013

Christmas was amazing - we went to  the house in France and I got to decorate it from top to bottom and bring the nature from outside inside, it looked very rustic.  The nine days flew by but it was lovely to spend that time with Damon and his family - everyone kept referring to us as the 'kids' because we were the youngest!!!