Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Countdown has begun!

So here we are 10 days and counting! I do belive Damon had his first wobble yesterday.

As we were making dinner last night he anounced to me that he will have to relinquish his "Love God" status hmm? I thought, "well we are getting married, the other ladies will have to overt thier eyes" he says to me I thought the Love God was only ever meant for me but apparently not bless him only in Damo's world! The real wobble came when I told him that it is only 10 days away.  "how did it come so quick?"  I have no idea!

Monday, 21 September 2009

My Hen Do

I had the best day!  See the link for pictures. Afternoon tea at Laduree in Harrods,  Dainty finger sandwiches, scrummy cakes and pastries, not a cuppa in sight it was champagne! Ah well we were celebrating,  we played a couple of games which everyone took part in, it was really nice to have my nearest and dearest in one room.
Then we were off to motion for cocktails and dancing and I didn't get home till 5am! Have no idea where the energy came from. It was great to see all my girlfriends having a blast and helping me celebrate. 

My 10k run

My second run for Cancer Research this year! This one was a bit more challenging, for a start I went to a wedding reception the night before and manged to nurse one glass of champagne all night!  It was really cold in the morning, when we got to Crystal Palace park we had our photo taken by the events organisers, there was a lot less people taking part about a 1000 of us so it was serious we realised! We ran on different types of terrain and poor Lauren twisted her ankle and her bag broke but we solidered on.  Completed in a time of about an hour which all in all wasn't bad. We are contemplating a mini marathon next year, yikes!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Taste of Motherhood!

I spent the weekend with my lovely cousins Lorna and her little boy my scrummy Charlie, I could just eat him! Well when he is good. We thought it would be a good time to buy him his little oufit as he is going to be my page boy. Needless to say that he wasn't at all cooperative about it, Saturday afternoon in Oxford Street.....

I learnt a vaulable lesson this weekend that little ones very rarely want to do what you need them to do. We forgot Charlies buggy so you can imagine how that went Lorna and I had to take turns in carrying him, oh he is heavy and Saturday morning I had gone to the gym and worked my arms a bit too hard they need to look good in the dress! but still feel like lead weights no pain no gain. So no joy we thought we would go to Westfield the new shiny shopping heaven/hell depending on your preference on shopping - hell for me the place is enormous! I think we only managed a quarter. So I had preped Charles in the morning explaining what we needed to do "its ok Amanda" (he doesn't like Madie) " I was tired yesterday, but I'm ok now I have had lots of sleep. Could I have a black tie?" For a 4 year he knows his mind! The good behavior was short lived but we got the cute outfit.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Interesting Weekend!

So Damon and I attended our marriage wedding prepartion course this weekend - very interesting! The course went well I think it wasn't at all what I expected and there were about 40 couples all together the age range I reckon was between 25-40 it was great to see that other couples want to be married within their faith, I hadn't realised how strongly I felt about it till this weekend.

There was no role play thankfully we had a series of question sheets we had to complete on different areas of our relationship and how our faith is involved with it and then discuss between ourselves. At one point I thought we might have to give up and go for counseling before we got married LOL I think is was good for us we have had some issues this year and it was good to be able to work it all out and it reaffirmed how much we mean to each other I feel pround of us!