Friday, 3 September 2010

Holiday review part 1

Well It has been a crazy busy with work since I have been back and I haven't had a minute to myself really!  So last night I loaded up all the photos that I wanted to share and I am now at my dest at work blogging!  Shhh don't tell anyone - but I think it's the only way I will get to blog.

So I had a lovely break in France but it rained most of the time so it prevented us from doing the tours my Mother in Law had planned so the following pictures were taken when the sun peeped out!  The house is just lovely it is an old stone barn that they have renovated over the years and they have kept the decor in keeping with the age of the barn.  There is also a stream that runs along the edge of the garden and Opium the horse lives next door in the paddock.  The other neighbour is Monsuir Le Reddet the wine producer and lovely it is too! The bedrooms are all decorated in true french vintage style that I LOVE I could easily live here all the time and I cannot wait to go again next year, its so peaceful and the sky at night is dark and with no street light and you can see all the stars.  I didn't get to stop in Paris in the end as Shelia (MIL) seamlessly corodinated the journey so that there was minimal waiting time between tansport changes - thats how fab she is! I want to do a 1 day stop next visit, it went so fast but I hope you like the pictures.

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  1. looks like you had a fabulous vacay! Great pictures madie!