Friday, 3 September 2010

Holiday review part 2

The 80's Rewind Festival was fabulous and quite surreal at times.  Henley on Thames is very very pretty and I could easily live there as well but would need to be a higher earner to fit into that lifestyle - but one can dream? The whole weekend played music from that era including all the food stands, bars and the fun fair.  All the live music was pretty good but my highlights would be 10cc, Level 42, The beat, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Odyssey, The weather Girls.  The collaboration between Go West , ABC and Tony Hadley was pretty smooth Tony Hadley as a young man I has a crush on him but what young girl didn't? As an older man he reminds me a bit of a Tom Jones in the making he can still belt out the tunes and I was very impressed that he sang a hit record of his nemesis Duran Duran's Rio he also did covers of songs by The Killers, King of Leon and the Hives. He was very personable and got the crowd going even when it started to pour with rain for the last 2 hours! Damon loved it, we popped his cherry so to speak as he is a festival virgin!  But we didn't camp we stayed in a hotel.  This is definitely a very grown up festival as you would expect from somewhere like Henley - There were people mooring their boats and yachts then coming in to join the fun...
Lots of families and lots of people dressed up!  Damon said to me "Only you could stand in the middle of a field eating a cupcake and drink champagne"  Well of course dahling!  Is there any other way to do festival??

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